App Review – iTeacher Book

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App Review – iTeacher Book

Today’s App Review is iTeacher Book by iStudiez.

The word around the college this week was iTeacher Book, iTeacher Book, iTeacher Book so I figured I should check it out. I was more than a little disapointed. I have been using Teacher Kit (previously reviewed here) since September and this App was exactly the same. There were some differences in graphics but that’s about it.

Like Teacher Kit this App can take record of student attendand and grades and schedules.

There are some major failings however.

  • iTeacher Book costs 4.49 Teacher Kit is free
  • iTeacher Book does not integrate with Dropbox
  • iTeacher Book does not alert you if a particular students attendance is lower than average.
  • iTeacher Book does not auto calculate grades
  • iTeacher Book does not store students in ‘desk’ graphics so no cheating with trying to remember students names by having the names on the desks matching the room layout.
  • Teacher Kit does not have alerts

Despite having paid for iTeacher Book my choice is to stick with Teacher Kit as it has my records already in there but either App is good for tracking information electronically. Bye bye the days of paper roll books.