App Review – Jamie’s Recipes

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App Review – Jamie’s Recipes

Today’s App review is Jamie’s Recipes by Zolmo

This App is based on recipes by Jamie Oliver  is very well designed and I am not that fantastic a chef so it’s perfect for me the way it simplifies itself. The free version comes with plenty of recipes. However, there are quite a lot of recipe unlocks which cost €1.99 each and a total of

Good for free but a lot of in-app purchases for 1.79each and a total of €18.80 to unlock everything which is quite expensive but it depends on what you are locking for within the App. Purchases include 10 minute meals, 20 minute meals, fast-food etc.

I find the App design very user-friendly so did buy a few purchases and have successfully managed a few of the recipes. As cooking Apps go I do like this App and also like how ingredients listed are ones I can easily source unlike those mentioned in some Apps.

To get the App you can download it from HERE