App Review – Magisto

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App Review – Magisto

Today’s App Review is Magisto by SightEra Technologies. I am a massive fan of Animoto (previously reviewed HERE) and use it all the time both personally and in my classroom and up until now no video editor has managed to come close to offering as many features. Magisto is a definite contender here though. Like with Animoto you can use existing videos and photos or choose to take new ones.

The free version of Animoto limits videos to 30 seconds and this is where Magisto has a clear win as it offers unlimited length videos. There are 8 free video styles to choose from and after picking a theme which may be the really cool traditional black and white old movie theme the App will then work its magic and create a video from what it considers to be the best bits of your movies.

You can then choose music from the in-app selection or add from your device then your video is done.

I tried one video with video clippings and it came to just under 3 minutes and it only took a couple of minutes to render and save. I hated my music choice but was able to go back and choose another.

The only main improvement I would like to see is more themes or even an in-app purchase for more themes because there are only 8 styles which limits the App if you are using it often.

The App has full social media integration so you can share your videos with friends. If you want to save the videos to your camera roll you have to pay 89cent each or opt for the alternatives of €4.49 for a month of unlimited downloads €15.99 for a year of unlimited downloads. Magisto can be downloaded from HERE.