App review- mSecure.

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App review- mSecure.

Today’s App review is mSecure by mSeven.

I am not usually one for using Apps that store passwords but this App is about as secure as they come. I for one am extra careful online and have a different password for every account. With the amounts of online sites these days that is a lot of passwords. I often forget my gmail or my facebook or my twitter…More often than not the result is you go and try and reset the password. This means endless captcha codes and email reminders and password resets.

mSecure is pretty easy to use. You set up one password which allows you access to all your other passwords. For extra security you can set it so that if someone does get their hands on your iOS device and enters the incorrect code a number of times then the contents of the App are wiped. I especially like this feature.

The App costs €7.99 so it’s not exactly on the cheap side of App purchases and I am sure there are cheaper but it works for me and €7.99 is a small price to pay for an App that remembers the passwords I forget.

To get the App go here.