App Review – Onavo Count

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App Review – Onavo Count

Today’s App Review is Onavo Count by Onavo Mobile. Ever wonder what Apps are using up your data allowance? This has been a question of mine over the years and this is the first App that answers just that. While many of us these days are on data plans many still remain on paid data which in my past experience ends up eating up phone credit fast. With all the Apps we download do we really know how they are ruining in the background. Notifications, location-settings and push emails all cost us money so data is being used even while the device isn’t in our hands.

This App displays easy to read usage facts that reflect which Apps are using our data and how much of it. Through graphs, stats, charts and more we can discover which Apps were running the most over the past 30 days. You can then see how much data was used by say Facebook App and keep a track of it. It is particularly useful for identifying Apps that may be using data without you previously realising. This is a good way of saving money and is also good for saving battery life by stopping any applications you really don’t need to run.

The only point I should make is that the App did take over an hour to find my data the first time I tried to set it up so it does take a while initially so don’t think it is not working it should eventually kick in and work away.

This is a handy App overall and free which is even better and even if your not worried about data costs it is interesting to investigate what is using your data. For example one game I had installed that wasn’t even an online game was using over 20mb per day even when I wasn’t playing it.

To download the App you can find it HERE.