App Review – Organ Donor

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App Review – Organ Donor

Today’s App Review is Organ Donor ECard by the Irish Kidney Association.

This App isn’t exactly fun or educational or interactive or amusing but it is in my opinion a very important App.

Many people carry organ donor cards so that when the time may come the paramedics or doctors know that they wish to donate their organs. Over time these cards go from wallet to wallet or get lost and don’t get replaced or might have never been used in the first place the result being families having to make the tough decision on what to do.

This App prevents that. All you enter in the App is an image of yourself (for identification purposes if the inevitable happens), your contact details and next of kin and their contact details. The next of kin gets a text to say they have been added so you may want to let them know before that happens so as not to cause any possible upset.

Once all the info is in you can forget about it and just make sure the App is on the home screen of your phone so that if a doctor or paramedic picks up your phone they can see it.

The App is of course free and more durable than the card option so if you are considering being an organ donor definitely consider this App.

The App can be downloaded here.