App Review – Paint my cat

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App Review – Paint my cat

Today’s App review is Paint by Cat by Nanu Interactive. I am a massive fan of augmented reality and find it entertaining both in and outside of the classroom. I also like cats so definitely had to buy this App.

While traditional AR apps like String and Aurasma are great there have been many fails along the way so I was a bit worried at first but had no reason to this App is right up there too. The thing I like most is that you can either use the App itself to create the templates and scenes or you can download 1 of 17 different colouring pages at and use real life crayons and markers to color your creation this  makes the features more accessible and more child and user friendly than the likes of Aurasma. The App features over 80 different colours and 3 brush styles to choose from so is perfect for all artists of all skill sets. There are also different scene choices and like the cat character scenes can also be coloured and customised. The one thing I found is that the features are easier to colour if you have an iPad touch pen as the edges can otherwise be blurred other than that thought it works great.

Once your characters are ready you can then transport them into a 3D augmented reality world. The sound effects bring the cats to life and you can go explore the fully touch interactive rooms and items.

The game is definitely suitable for learners of all ages and costs €2.49 which is a great deal for the features it offers. To get the App you can download it from HERE