App Review – Photo Icon Contacts Shortcuts

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App Review – Photo Icon Contacts Shortcuts

Today’s App Review is Photo Icon Contacts Shortcuts (formerly iFavorite – a name which I preferred) by feel kim.

This App is a very cool one and great value for money. What it does is allows you to add you contacts as icons on your home screen. So if for example you call one particular friend or family a lot you can create an icon and you just need to click on that and it will give you the option to call/message them.

I find this really useful for the few people I do make contact with a lot. Easier than trying to navigate through your past calls or phonebook.

A really cool feature is the fact that you can customise the icons. This way you can have your contacts looks like really cool Apps or have the contacts picture on.

For ease of use, accessibility and design I love this App and while it may seem unnecessary try using it and you won’t know what you did without it.

The App costs 79cent and can be downloaded here.