App Review – Pinterest

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App Review – Pinterest

Today’s App Review is Pinterest by Pinterest.

Pinterest has taken the world by storm over the past year and recent statistics by Nielson show that people spend just as much time on Pinterest as they do on Facebook.

I never saw much point in using this social networking platform until I decided that it could be a quick and easy way of organising photographs. I drag and drop pictures to my computer desktop all the time. I also save pictures to the camera roll on my iOS devices but they just end up lost in a pile of other photos and I can never find them fast enough and usually end up giving up.

Pinterest allows using to ‘pin’ pictures on a board. That way it is as if all the photos are in a folder and you can access them at any stage. This is great for showing friends or during class presentations and have as a organisational tool helped me keep all my images in the right easy  to find locations.

To download the App you can visit here.