App Review – Say what you see.

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App Review – Say what you see.

Today’s App Review is Say what you see by Big Ideas Corporation

This App takes the whole idea eye spy with my little eye on step further. Given cryptic clues in images you have to someone think what the picture can stand for. There are a bunch of different themed puzzles. After installing it the first time you get your choice of anyone you want free. After that each extra board costs 99cent.

I chose the TV Drama category and I was pretty good with it but still found myself wracking my brain to get them all.

The best thing about this App is that not only does each challenging board take quite a while to complete but new boards are being added all the time which is something a lot of developers forget to do.

I loved the game so much I downloaded all the boards but you can start with one..or two! Choices include cartoons, pop music, musicals, sport and more.

The App can be downloaded here