App Review – Skirt Alert.

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App Review – Skirt Alert.

Today’s App Review is Skirt Alert by Wikibros.

They say there is an App for everything but this one had me laughing so much. Crazy concept aside it is actually a really good idea. How many of us go out wearing skirts and end up freezing our aaaaaankles off? This App is the perfect solution and as soon as you wake you can open the App and it will tell you how suitable the weather is for a skirt.

How many girls (or guys!) end up in that red-faced situation where suddenly a gust of wind takes revenge on your skirt well fear no more just take advice from this App.

All you have to do is set your location and you can get instant alerts. It is also handy as it can double as a weather App so you get the temperatures for that day. You can set two notifications one being ‘great weather for skirts’ the other being ‘too much wind for skirts’ if the App considers the day inappropriate for your fashion plans then it will simply display a NO! alert. Today the App checked with the Skirt God and advised me that the 11degrees with 27km/h forecast would not be suitable for any skirt wearing plans taking it’s advice I stuck to wearing a pair of jeans! Unfortunately the Skirt God doesn’t have my hopes up for being able to wear a skirt for the rest of the week either predicting high winds all week. Now if only the Skirt God could bring in the summer then it would be a genius App.

So while many myself included may not consider this App more than a novelty at first it is quite good for wardrobe planning and if you are not a skirt wearer it could be used to consider whether it might be an idea to wear a coat that day or just simply as a weather checker.

To get the App you can download it from HERE