App Review – Timehop

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App Review – Timehop

Today’s App Review is Timehop by Timehop.

This App is definitely an A+¬†time-waster! There are so many social media Apps out there it is difficult to stumble across an App that is that little bit different and fun. Basically what Timehop does is it links you up to your accounts on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram and as the name suggests the App hops back in time to a previous status update or picture. I chose to activate Facebook integration and I can tell you that one year ago I ‘picked up Tigger cat and he sneezed on me 6 times. Yuck!” Do you need to know that? Probably not! Did I need to be reminded of that? Well probably not either. However, it is pretty cool that I can do that because although Facebook’s timeline is intended to work like that it kind of fails in accuracy.

Now what I really like about this is that it will also take news stories from previous years and give you facts. For example it told me that in 1936 ‘The Baseball Hall of Fame elects its first members…..” Then underneath I can see what that reference would mean in 2013 where it says ‘No one is inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, after allegations of steroid use.” Oh how the world has changed!!

The App has full social media sharing integration so I can then choose to share any of this information on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or mail. There is also in-app sharing so that if you have friends that use the App you can share on each others feed.

The one downside of the App is that it takes you to whatever day it wants to share information from. For example right now I am only seeing information from this day last year. It would be cool if I could skip to say 2009 or last April or whatever chosen date. If that feature gets added then it would definitely be the best Social Media feature App out there.

The App is free so if you are curious about your past adventures you can download it from HERE