App Review – Vegas Towers

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App Review – Vegas Towers

Today’s App Review is Vegas Towers by SiuYiu Limited. This App brings me back to my early gaming days in the 90’s and Sims Towers. Back then the aim of the game was to build a tower as high as you could with shops, rooms, restaurants and as much as you could cram into the space. The goal is to keep rooms clean, guests happy and keep that money rolling in.

This App is a perfect tribute to the older Sims Towers App whilst at the same time being a more modernised version. What I really love is the name of the shops and restaurants which are a twist on well known restaurants so although names like; NAP, Taco Hut, Metro or Forever 21 may not sound like our top high street stores the appearance of the store front allow us to recognise them as well known retails and food outlets like GAP, Taco Bell, Subway, Forever 21. You can also built movie theatres or vegas clubs which are very interactive. I especially like how the theatres show real movies like Batman.

While the goal is to build a tower as tall as you can you have to be careful because if you try to do it too fast it will be a disaster.

Along the way you are forced with challenges such as restaurants burning down and unhappy customers but this adds to the fun.
There are also challenges that earn you money. For example you get a reward when you successfully rent 25 commercial units or when you demolish 10 units.

If you are out of inspiration you can go and head on over to some other towers and see how other people are doing which is always fun and there are some really amazing ones out there.

So if you think you have got what it takes to keep your customers and guests happy you can download the App for free HERE.