App Review – Weird Park Broken Tune

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App Review – Weird Park Broken Tune

Today’s App review is Weird Park Broken Tune Big Fish games.

After finishing yesterday’s reviewed Murder she wrote I had to go for another hidden object (HO) game and looked no further than Big Fish for this one,

This App is now my all-time favorite HO game and  I have recommended it to everyone I meet. What I love about this App is that it is not just all about the HO objects but it is also a walk through game where you have to go from scene to scene finding objects to complete the quest. What I liked is how you can suddenly be an hour in and then have to return to find an item at the very begging. It means you always have to be concentrating and on the look out for things you need. However, because of this I would recommend playing the App when you can have a few hours at a time because playing it with days or weeks inbetween could get you lost. It toom me about 4 hours to complete.

The graphics are also incredible and Big Fish have done an excellent job with the story, design and overall gameplay.

The App does cost €4.49 for the full game unlock but can be tried for free HERE