App Review – Wizard of OZ

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App Review – Wizard of OZ

Today’s App Review is The Wizard of Oz by Warner Bros. There are many building games out there from Farmville to Cafeworld and Smurf Village. I was a big Farmville player in the past but quit after a couple of years and totally steered clear of these type Apps. Having tried Smurf Village I wasn’t too impressed  but this App is pretty awesome.

The aim of the game is to build the yellow brick road and find Dorothy’s way home. Along the way you meet Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion. You build houses and the munchkins help you along the way. The controls are quite difficult to remember what is where but the training at the start is really good I wouldn’t recommend skipping it.

My favorite part of the App is that instead of getting annoying add pop-ups you instead getting pop-up videos of scenes from the movie and the App also features music and audio from the movie which is a must for any Wizard of Oz fan.
I had expected this to be a cheap rip-off which unfortunately is the case for many of these type Apps but I am really enjoying it.

The one downside is that like many of these Apps it does include in-app purchases which at first isn’t made clear. I won’t be purchasing extra emeralds but so far haven’t needed them.

Another downside is the fact that the App takes a bit to load each time which isn’t too bad but the App does crash quite a bit and the loading time becomes tiresome. From what I can see the App is only a few weeks old so hopefully the crashing issue will be fixed in future updates

To try the App for free you can download it from HERE