App Review – Write to Read

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App Review – Write to Read

Yesterday I was asked to review Write to Read by WriteReader Aps
Although agreeing I must be honest I am neither a parent nor a primary teacher so have no kids to try it out with but have to say I was very impressed.

The App is aimed at kids aged 3+ allowing them to create their own books or participate in creating one with their parents, class or siblings. How it works is that the child writes a sentence using whatever level of literacy they might have and then the adult corrects the text for them. The child can then see the difference between the two texts and it helps them in learning new words and creating sentences.

It is great for creating accessible creativity. Kids can let their imaginations run wild creating magical worlds and adventures without having to worry about the boundaries set by literacy and spelling while at the same time improving both of these skills through the creative process. Kids would also benefit from it improving their early learning skills as well as getting them involved in reading and writing from a young age.

The App costs €5.99 which is about the same as other book creators and can be downloaded from HERE