Bangalore day 11

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Bangalore day 11

Wednesday August 12th

This morning we woke up to burnt toast after Mrs Katary described the toaster as “a moody teenager”,

Today was a long day. Having completed my Josh Kornbluth story I waited for hours for my next story. I got one on the launch of a planetarium which turned out to not be too great a story. Then I left and went home for a much nicer dinner.

After dinner we went for a walk to get saris for Independence day. Then decided on another early night. At about 11.30 we woke up to Mrs Katary screaming at the top of her voice. Apparently the people who went out to the beach brought strangers back and she was not to happy. Phrases such as “you hooligans”, “Shirleys people are not welcome” and “get out of my house” were screamed and those of us who were ignorant to the goings on were convinced there were robbers. The next morning we learnt the story and while Asha and Neena and Shirley and Mrs Katary lay into the others we were lucky to be on the good side of Mrs Katary who apologized for waking us up.

It will be some time before she forgets about it and for now we aren’t allowed have volunteers from Shirley’s house over so no more games nights.