Bangalore day 18

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Bangalore day 18

Today was yet another boring day at the office where I sat for 8 hours and was given no work to do. Thankfully i had my laptop with me so started on a story about deaf education in India versus Ireland.

It was easy enough to find sources and speaking to teachers at SKID I got plenty of quotes I just need to talk to Asha (our coordinator) next week about it as she is on the board of management so she will help me more.

We finally got our dresses from the tailors. Despite having ordered Saturday one of mine was ready the other not. The one that is ready wouldn’t fit over my shoulders so was way too small. The ones the others ordered are all too small also. Its not like we told them our measurements they did that themselves. Will definitely be bringing them back on Sunday.

That night we went to the beach again. It reminded me why it is so good that they have a smoking ban in Ireland. Also the annoucement ‘if you are drunk, drive home safely’ proved pretty scary.