Bangalore day 7

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Bangalore day 7

8th August 2009

Arriving in Kerala we separated into two autos and made our way to the port. Unfortunately the autos got us lost. We were split in two groups.

Our group hopped on a boat to fort cochi (costing 600rps) and then too an auto around the island only to be told that our hotel was on the main land. Still having no contact with the others we had no idea what to do. We got a boat back to the mainland (this time only costing 7.5rps) and finally found our hotel. Thankfully the others turned up minutes later.

The first step was a nice hot shower. A first for all over us since arriving in Banglore. Then whilst Nadia and Calum slept me, Lydia and Ann went to Coffee Day to get some brunch. After this we wandered around before returning. Later that day me and Ann went to the Kerala museum of history. The first room consisted of copies of famous works such as the Mona Lisa. Not very impressive. The second room was pretty cool though and featured some Indian dolls in dressed in traditional state outfits. The final room consisted of original works by Kerala artists.

That night we went for dinner at the first decent place we could find. Ordering for five was a challenge but our demand of 12 drinks 7 starters and 6 mains only came to 12euro which was an excellent bargain and tasty too.

After that we returned to the hotel to play top trumps and guess who before turning in for the night.