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Everyone Can Code Light Shows

During code week students coded light shows using a mix of Sphero EDU, SPRK+ and Swift Playgrounds. Over the past couple of years I had students create individual light shows but this year students did them in groups of 2 or 3. This actually worked a lot better although the discussions over which song to…
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Everyone Can Code App Prototypes on Keynote

This year we celebrated code week as we have in previous years. The focus was still on Swift Playgrounds and introducing all students to code. In past years I would have asked students to list their favourite apps and then put a few app ideas on a post-it before discussing. This year started out pretty…
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Everyone Can Create Logos

Inspired by the logo activity in Everyone Can Create: Drawing students created logos using Keynote. In learning about logo design students discussed colours and each choose three different colour palettes from Adobe Color. They were able to copy these colours into Keynote using the color picker tool in Keynote. Next up they discussed font types and…
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Everyone Can Create Geometric Animals

As a follow on from the hybrid animal activity I had the idea to create some geometric animals. Again students rose to the challenge. Just like with the hybrid animal challenge students used Keynote shapes. They traced around them by first lowering the opacity before filling them with colour. There were some great results.

Everyone Can Create Hybrid Animals

Students this year have been very interested in using shapes in Keynote and drawing in Keynote and so when I saw a tweet mentioning combining animal shapes I knew it was something we had to try. For this activity the idea is that students will combine two or more animal shapes in Keynote. They can…
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Creating green screen animations with Keynote

Last year I used to keep my magic move Keynote lesson and the green screen lesson separately but this year I saw some potential to merge them. Students created two copies of an animation using shapes in Keynote. The first version would have a picture or coloured background. The second version would have a green…
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Everyone Can Create Environmental Awareness.

Environmental awareness has been an interest of mine for quite a while and over the summer I remembered some of the photography activities I did back in college. A really old blog post detailing my work as a student can be found here.  With this in mind and the launch of the Everyone Can Create…
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Everyone Can Create Photo Silhouettes

About a year ago we used the All About Me template from the Apple Teacher Platform to create some customised silhouettes filled with student’s hobbies and interests. You can find the old blog post from that activity here  Fast forward a year and thanks to Everyone Can Create we are now doing the same but…
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Logitech Crayon. Hands-on review.

When the Logitech Crayon was announced back in March I was excited to get my hands on it. I didn’t think it would take this long but it finally arrived. I am a big fan of the Apple Pencil so was interested to see how this would compare. Charging and syncing¬† So this was a…
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Shadow Draw App Review

I have seen the @shadowdrawapp Twitter handle appear quite a bit over recent weeks and finally took some time to sit down and try it out. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. The regular app contains a mix of free tutorials and in-app purchases. A year ago this kind of app wouldn’t have appealed to me but…
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