Blue man group

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Blue man group



Sunday June 7. 8pm

Astor Place Theatre, 434 Lafayette Place


Centred around three blue men this show is purely visual. The men don’t speak or even attempt to. This leaves it up to the audience to interpret their emotions and gestures. There is no storyline to follow as the show simply consists of different sketches from the marshmallow catching to the twinky eating. They use familiar objects such as captain crunch, twinky bars and marshmallows to capture the audiences attention although I wouldn’t recommend looking too interested as they may want you to get up on stage and get involved with their games.

The show is overall very interactive and the first few rows are even expected to wear ponchos to reduce the risk of turning blue themselves or being covered in half eaten food.

At times the men pick their victims from the audience whom they then begin to subject to different experiments such as stuffing your mouth full of twinky bars (during which the poor girl looked like she was going to either cry or throw up) and covering your body with blue paint before swinging into a canvas painting.

However as the show does start off exciting promising so much it quickly goes down hill. Do people really need to see three guys regurgitating half chewed marshmallows and chewed cereal. Why they think people want to see a food fights and be covered in half chewed food is questionable. Looking at youtube videos there is a high expectation of their brilliance but those performances are not to be seen in New York instead an amateur show that requires little talent.

Overall the show is entertaining although the novelty wears off mid-way through. If these men weren’t blue it is doubtful the show would have lasted so long off broadway. A good night out for the family but in the small theatre and basic set it is easy to tell why this glorified circus show has been kept off broadway.

This may be entertaining for kids but adults save your money there is much better out there for the same cost. I for one am grateful that our tickets were 50% off.

Overall this show was overpriced and overrated. Tickets to this New York performance are no longer available as the show has been closed down. Other performances are available throughout the US including Las Vegas.


After the show the three men came out to autograph (kiss) the playbills and pose for photos.