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Loopy Case – Review.

When it comes to iPhone cases I am pretty difficult to please. I like protective covers but the also have to be light and well they can’t be ugly! Having had the snap-on hard back cases in the past I have avoided them since cracking the screen of my iPhone 5. When it came to…
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Everyone Can Code with iWish and FET

This week we had the privilege of welcoming in a group of TY students to Apple RTC Cork for a morning of coding. The week was organised as part of iWish During the morning the students took part in a lot of different activities including, The Swift Playgrounds Hour of Code Coding with Osmo Coding…
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My top 10 assessment apps.

Preparing for an iPad 1:1 classroom means trying to decide what apps to use. I have tried loads, some great, some awful and some I can see myself using for years to come. Below are my top 10 apps (in no particular order). 1. Socrative – iOS, web-based and free. Quiz based app 2. Verso…
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Ten years with the iPhone

So this week marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone and it’s time to reflect on how this has transformed the way we communicate so below are the top 10 ways it has changed the way I communicate. I didn’t get my first iPhone until September 2009 and it was an iPhone…
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My journey to a paperless classroom.

For sometime I had been hearing about paperless classrooms and had considered it but never knew if it would work. After speaking to so many people at last years Apple Distinguished Educators institute who had paperless classrooms I decided to give it a go. So firstly the reasons why I wanted to do this. 1.…
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Virtual Learning Platforms.

Ok so Virtual Learning platforms are definitely being talked about at the moment. So here are my thoughts. The main contenders have always been Blackboard and Moodle. As s student and educator over the past 7 years I have used and hated both. In recent weeks things have changed. iTunes U has existed since 2007…
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Lasik laser surgery. Is it for you?

So it had been going through my mind for years, the thoughts of do I have laser eye surgery or not. Several failed attempts at wearing contact lenses made the decision. One that could be seen as a last resort if I ever was going to get rid of those glasses that had been so…
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Sophie Lancaster Foundation

In August 2007, Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death, simply for dressing differently. Two years on, and in tribute to the outgoing, bubbly girl who was denied the chance to live life her way, cult new British make-up brand Illamasqua has commissioned a short film by award-winning French director, Fursy Teyssier. [youtube=]

Find Madeline – new appeal


Next to Normal’s premiere twitter performance of new song Something I can’t see

Next to Normal Twitter performance. Wednesday 28th October 2009, Tribeca NY. Starting Just before 12am gmt or 7pm US time Next to Normal on Twitter released their new song “Something I can’t see” to a unique audience. The audience being the twitter users who helped write this latest addition to the musical. In an intro…
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