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Creating green screen animations with Keynote

Last year I used to keep my magic move Keynote lesson and the green screen lesson separately but this year I saw some potential to merge them. Students created two copies of an animation using shapes in Keynote. The first version would have a picture or coloured background. The second version would have a green…
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Fieldtrips with Clips.

Clips is a free video-creation Apple app for iOS that devices that was launched early in 2017. Since it’s launch I have been using it both personally and in the classroom. Going back a couple of years the video creation section of my digital media module used to take weeks or learning and content gathering.…
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The impact of #magicmovechallenge on my classroom

The #magicmovechallenge was born on Twitter earlier this year and created by @mcoutts81 and @theipodteacher. The #magicmovechallenge is based around the magic move feature in Keynote and users usually use it combined with shapes to create an animation. I initially I stayed away from the challenge. This was a combination of my being to busy…
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Hands-on with Apple Clips.

Released over Easter break Apple Clips was just a week too late to integrate into my full-time classes but just in time to integrate into my summer class and because the summer class was just 10 weeks long I figured I would integrate Clips as much as I could. So for anyone that had never…
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