Finding #mywhy

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Finding #mywhy

In November I attended the ADE Vision and Impact event in London. This was a meet up of Apple Distinguished Educators from across the UK, Ireland and Russia.

During this time we were challenged to find ‘our why’. Why are we here, why do we do what we do, and why we want to make a difference.
This was a bit of a challenge at first but really helped me focus on why I do what I do and helped me realise why I do it. While at times I was questioning ultimately it helped me refocus and feel more confident in what I do.

We were asked to provide a few slides as well as write a 6 word story and finally we were asked to compose a 30 second intro about our why. Below a few of the slides I created that illustrate my 6 word stories.

We were also asked to pinpoint all the various ways we can make an impact from within our school communities to regionally, nationally and finally globally. This again was a useful way of reinforcing the idea of why you do what you do.

Finally, I completed my video using Adobe Spark and some of the images I created. I decided to use this app as it is fast to create a video and it would also keep the idea simple.

All in all the weekend was a great one and sometimes it is just good to take a step back and ask yourself why you do what you do.