H817 – Activity 8 An OER course

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H817 – Activity 8 An OER course

The aim of this activity was to investigate OER resources and see which platforms would best suit our needs.
To do this we had to create a 5 week course with 5 different topics. Doing this I took my famous ‘digital bootcamp’ and took 5 of the topics I teach.
1. Photo-editing
2. Video-editing
3. Social Media Marketing
4. Mobile Marketing with QR Codes and Augmented Reality
5. iBooks Authoring.
I already have a lot of information on the above 5 topics but looked forward to seeing if I could add to my sources. The 7 different platforms we were required to search for sources were.
Rice Connexions

I decided to compile all the resources I found in a Google spreadsheet. I figured by saving the links I could always add new links as I came across them. While I found some great resources I was a little underwhelmed by the whole activity. I already know there are fantastic resources out there created by some of the most innovative educators and none of these sources really offered me the same quality results.

Ariadne – this platform totally failed to work for me. I didn’t get any results for any of my 5 topics. I did wonder if it was perhaps my internet connection or some other issue so left it and went to the other platforms before trying again but still got no results.

Jorum – this site gave me some great sources on QR Codes but didn’t offer much for the rest of my topics.

Merlot – Merlot offered me up some fantastic info on Social Media Marketing but presented me little much of any use for my other topics.

MIT – MIT didn’t offer me enough to consider visiting their site again.

OpenLearn – Open Learn was average but a lot of the sources were older than I would have liked to have seen.

Rice Connexions – Gave me some great sources for video editing but failed with the other topics.

Solvonauts – didn’t give me anything I could use.

If I was restricted to using these 7 sources for my teaching material I think I would definitely have to switch topics around. I was tempted to but stuck to my original 5 topics because I wanted to see if I could find something I could use in my classroom. I found the searching process timely but do think out of all of them that Jorum may have some info I might be able to use and plan to revisit it again.

Below are my findings.