Learning Unity 3D and creating a simple 3D game.

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Learning Unity 3D and creating a simple 3D game.

In 2016 I started the MA in E-Learning Design and Development at CIT.
One of the modules was game development, a topic that was very new to me. Having no prior knowledge of the using Unity the module assignments were challenging but not impossible.

The first assignment required students to create a basic two level game. One level was to be based underground whereas the second level was to be based on an island. I found the underground level to be a great start to finding my way around Unity and although I initially struggled I found the module tutorials useful and once I knuckled down and started working on the project it was pretty intuitive.

The island level was slightly more of a challenge but I found some great tutorials on YouTube by Vlogger Jimmy Vegas that really helped me find my way through the task.

Below is a screencast of the levels of my game.