Marley and me

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Marley and me


“A dog doesn’t care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb give him your heart and he will give you his”. With lessons to be learnt for all ages this film portrays a mix of emotions following the lives of Marley and his family through life.

Based on John Grogan’s novel of the same name viewers laugh and cry when troubled pup Marley is constantly causing chaos chewing briefcases, telephones and even jewellery. While the average dog would seek hours of fun out of chewing an old shoe for him shoes are just simply not exciting enough. Marley undoubtedly has a unique personality and soon fits right into the family.

Brought in as a distraction for not having a baby just yet journalists John and Jennifer played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston decide to add a new member to their family. Picking up Marley from the breeder all seems fine. He is a cute and cuddly golden retriever who soon becomes “the worlds worst dog”

Soon being banned from dog training school and the beach John and Jennifer discover that a dog may not always be easier than a baby.

The passing of time is dictated through clips and passages from John Grogan’s column. Dreaming of a reporter job in the New York Times John Grogan sits in a small office in Florida writing about gas leaks and politics. Bringing Marley to life in these columns the viewers live the experiences both good and bad of the Grogan family and Marley as the years go by.

Both Wilson and Aniston are both acting inside their comfort zone but bring their charm and comedy experience to the Grogan roles. With a cast of 22 two dogs acting the part of Marley it is easy to imagine the on-set nightmare of scene changes.

As Marley grows up the couple decide to enter into the scary world of parents hood. Being blessed with “the luck of the Irish” it is not long before their dreams come true and they welcome a son with more kids to follow.

Marley and Me illustrates the real lessons in life from birth to death, marriage, parenthood, working in a job you don’t like and caring for a troublesome pup.

The viewer is guided through the happy times and the sad times, a film for all ages this film will make you laugh and cry and experience a mix of feelings.

The ending of the film brings the story true to life and immerses the viewer in a pool of new emotions depicting the reality that good things don’t last forever. While being tempted to fight off the feelings it brings there are bound to be just a few dry eyes when leaving the theatre.