Sorority Row (2009)

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Sorority Row (2009)

4 stars copy

“A prank, no one would ever forget. A secret, no one would ever tell. Sisters for life and death”

A prank gone wrong could change peoples life forever or it could just disappear as if it never happened. Things are not always able to disappear. What may appear as just another teen horror flick Sorority Row is actually a whole lot better.

What happens if someone betrays your sister. You get revenge. What happens when the guy things your lies are real and he makes the fantasy nightmare real. What do you do. You fight.

Although named Sorority Row this movie could just have easily have been called I know what you did last summer. Our I know what you did last house party or something like that because the basic plot is exactly the same as the movies from the 90’s.

This aside it does have some great acting. There are bits when you are sitting there thinking how stupid are these girls. But hey they are sorority sisters they don’t have to be intelligent. The group is made up of a mix of girls the blonde, the geak, the pretty one.. and like other groups this is the deciding factor in how they are killed.

No gore is spared and although being killed with a tire iron may appear to be a boring way to watch someone die it really is not.

The plot may be cliche but that doesn’t mean you know the killer. Seconds before you find out you find yourself thinking could it be him/her. And trying to convince yourself that no way could that be possible it does land as a shock when you find out.

The cast included Rumer Willis in one of her first big screen lead roles. She is not the smartest or prettiest and takes a bit of a back seat compared to the other sorority girls. Other cast members included Brianna Evigan (Step up 2) as Cassidy and Leah Pipes (Life is Wild) as Jessica.

Overall verdict : A movie that started with a pillow fight and ended with a pile of dead bodies could have been a disaster but somehow they pulled it off.