Study: Video, Games Improve Preschooler Literacy

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Study: Video, Games Improve Preschooler Literacy

Word-rich TV shows, online games and hands-on resources improve preschoolers’ literacy,  a new study by the Corporation of Broadcasting in the United States has found.

Media resources in the program improve literacy in kids aged 2 to 8. For this study, 400 students in up to 80 classes from 47 different centres were taught in a 10-week curriculum. A contrast group was used, to give a basis on which to compare results.

Better literacy is also seen in children with hearing issues. Because the program is visual, the children can learn the alphabet and practice drawing numbers. Once the children know their letters and numbers, the program can be used to introduce new words and eventually subtitles.

Activities ranged from viewing shows like Sesame Street, and Between the Lions, to hands-on activities and playing web-based computer games.

At the end of the 10-week period, students who participated in the literacy curriculum had better literacy skills than the comparison group. The children knew their letters, and letter sounds and could recognise letters in print.

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