App Review – Cookie Calls

Today’s App Review is Cookie Calls by Sesame Street.

A few years ago on Skype a friend’s user name was Cookie Monster. Obviously she is a big Cookie Monster fan and as a result of her name during one call with another friend she freaked the friends kid out when he saw Cookie Monster calling on Skype and thought it was the real Cookie Monster. Well with this App the Cookie Monster can call you for real. All you have to do is select from a number of different call options. You can see the Cookie Monster eating cookies, talk about healthy eating, travel to Paris and more. Even though I am not a massive fan of the Cookie Monster I found this App really fun. The App works a bit like Facetime so when the Cookie Calls a video of you appears in the bottom left so it looks like you are in a real life call.

The basic App costs 89 cent and this gives you a few video options. Extra videos can be unlocked through in-app purchases for 89cent each €2.69 for all of them. I must admit I did end up downloading the whole lot and have not had this much fun with a talking App since I discovered the original Talking Tom App.

The App can be fun for grown-ups but also for kids and the calls include healthy eating and parents helper which covers daily chores so how better to get a kid to go to bed than have the Cookie Monster tell them. I also discovered that my cat is absolutely fascinated by the App and sits silently staring with big wide eyes at the App and listening very attentively. Now if only it could teach her not to wake me at 5am in the morning.

So if your looking for some entertainment the App  can be downloaded from HERE.


App Review – 4oD

Today’s App Review is 4oD by Channel Four. In the days of Netflix, Hulu and other online players it is hard to find ones that work well on devices. 4oD features playback of a large selection of reality tv shows and movies. I love shows like Undercover Boss and Kitchen Nightmares but often find myself missing them on TV so this is the best grab and go option. The search function is easy to use and after watching a few short ads the show or movie of your choice is ready to go.

As a TV channel Channel 4 offers a lot of reality tv shows so expect the App to reflect this and don’t go looking for an episode of CSI. That being said those kind of shows can be viewed on Netflix and I find that both Apps perfectly compliment eachother in that sense. If I am looking for a regular TV show I use my Netflix App and if I am looking for a laugh or some reality then 40D is definitely where to go.

The content selection is not as extensive as on the TV Channel or on Channel 4’s website but there is definitely more than enough for casual viewing. The App does say that it is not available outside of the UK and viewing is limited in Ireland but I have yet to encounter an issue to that effect.

The best point is that this App is subscription free so unlike the likes of Netflix it costs nothing to download and nothing to use so is available for all users.

To download the App and see what it has to offer you can find it HERE.

App Review – Tube Box

Today’s App Review is Tube Box by App Bank Co.

I don’t really like YouTube Apps because I find the search feature slow and limited  and usually just go to for any videos but stumbled across this App and it is pretty cool.

I have always really liked the design of the iBook and iTunes U App shelves. Is there really any better way than to have your items laid out nice and tidy on a shelf (great job Apple!) This App is just like that. First you select the videos you want and the App downloads them and adds them to a shelf. It’s as easy as that and very fast and simple. The design is simple and clutter free and on first glance it looks just like something I would have expected Apple to design.  The only thing I would question is if this is against YouTube’s rules I think it may be because they don’t usually allow downloads so this App may not be around for long but it is good while it lasts and definitely a YouTube App I will use. I like having videos etc close to hand when needed during class and have gone to a lot of effort with my iBooks, iTunes U Apps and now I think Tube Box will definitely take place beside them.

You can also share videos on Facebook/ Twitter and reorder saved videos

You can download the App from HERE

App Review – Cinemarama

Today’s App Review is Cinemarama by Digital Click.
This App was featured a few days ago and I had been looking forward to playing it all week. Today I finally had time and sat down with my iPad and planned to relax. The App tests your movie knowledge and to be honest I am not that great with movies so didn’t expect to do well.

The game presents players with an image and the user has to guess what movie the image relates to. You have to type the letters in and get as many points as you can by guessing it without making mistakes. After 3 wrong letters you start losing points. Once your game points reach 0 you have to either win more points or purchase 100 points for 89cent.
Levels in the game include – Movies that make you laugh, Biographies in Cinema and Epic Wheels.
I did find this a lot of fun and did a whole lot better than I expected. My only complaint is that it only took me about an hour to complete all 29 categories (each has 10 levels). So the content isn’t too extensive but it is a fun game to play. There is some repetition for example Batman comes up under a few categories, same with Transformers but the game is well designed and definitely has great potential for future updates. While I played this alone I could imagine it would be great entertainment when hooked up to an Apple tv in a group situation.

To download the App you can visit HERE.

App Review –

Today’s App Review is by Mobile FWD

If you enjoy brain training Apps then I would definitely recommend this App it is the same kind of idea as those and really challenges your mind. These Apps always make me feel incredibly stupid but I can’t help but playing and enjoying them. The concept of the App is quite simple and just expects you to answer questions testing your knowledge. There are different rounds and time challenges so the game is ever changing. The only small complaint I have is that the App caters for U.S users over international players but the questions are so varied that it doesn’t make a big difference to me personally. The developers have promised to improve on this in future updates.
I found that this App really came in handy in a group situation and we were all there trying to guess the answers. Going into the room the App was on my device and after it was on all devices leaving the room so it got a big thumbs up from the group.

It is fun to play and free so can’t complain about that either. If you want to download it you can find it  HERE

App Review – Smule Piano

Today’s App Review is Smule Piano by Smule.

Smule are one of the top music App developers and have come out with some great original Apps which challenger the user and take music making to the next level.

Smule Piano is no different. The App offers a rang of different music from classical to modern and allows the user to play along and to the music. This App is designed similar to Tap Tap Revenge where there is a sequence of dots and you have to follow them and tap when the beat is right. Unlike it’s competitors Smule Piano give players the opportunity to play against other users from all over the world so one minute you are playing in your living room the next you are connected and playing with someone from lands afar.

I would definitely recommend this App and you can download it from HERE.


App Review – Tee Vee

Today’s App Review is Tee Vee by Thomas Perzi.

We all have seen the tv guide Apps but there are not many like this. Have you ever wanted to watch a tv show then realised it isn’t on that night due to sport or elections or otherwise this App will tell you the next date and time it is on in the form of a countdown. I find this particular useful during holiday hiatus.

All you need to do is add all your favorite tv shows to a ‘shelf’ and it will do the rest of the work for you.

As well as telling you the air date it will also give you a synopsis of the upcoming episode as well as past episodes.

This is a handy App and a post have for any iOS device.

Best of all it is free.

To download the App visit here.


App Review – Naked Trailers

Today;s App Review is Naked Trailers by ReelzChannel

This App is great and one of my all time favorites and best of it is free. It contains trailers of movies that have been released as well as upcoming releases. It is a great time waster and I found myself sitting down flicking from trailer to trailer. Of course the same can be done with other Apps like IMDB and YouTube but in those cases you would have to know the movie you are looking for. In comparison this App is great in that you can easily stumble upon movies you would like to see.

It is really useful if your in the mood to watch a movie but aren’t sure which one. Or even if not a movie you can spend time watching the trailer. The App also hosts interviews with celebrities and movie cast and crew.

This is a great all in one entertainment App and the big attraction is that it is free.

You can download the app  here


App Review – YouTube App.

Today’s App Review is YouTube App by Google.

This App always came on iOS devices but the recent launch of the new iOS6 Operating System ended this feature as Apple removed what was previously a staple app.

I never used the App much…well at least I thought I didn’t but when it was gone I missed it and was glad that it was launched as an independent App.

YouTube App is one of the must have Apps for the classroom. I show a lot of videos and this is a lot easier if you have the Apps pre-saved to your YouTube account because there is always that time you can’t find the videos you had wanted to show.

One piece of advice for this App always save your videos to your YouTube account even if you are looking at them on a computer. It is always a lot easier to find them this way.

The only downside I found with the App is that it is for iPhone only so if you want it for the iPad you have to 2x it and that decreases the video quality. Why Google did that I don’t know but I am not impressed.

The App can be downloaded for free here.


App Review – Roadshow

Today’s App Review is Roadshow by Fetch Networks.

Roadshow is an App I discovered a long time ago and has remained on my iPad ever since. I am always coming across videos I like and want to save to watch later or to use in class but always misplace them. YouTube videos are easy to save through your google account but what about Vimeo or Daily Motion or Ted or other video hosts. Roadshow allows you to save videos directly to your iPad and stores them on what looks like a shelf. They can be placed back any time and even be played offline.

When you find a video you want to play just tap on it and the option to save to RoadShow will appear. Simple as that.

The only downside to the App is that you can only store 15 videos for free and after that it costs €3.99 to buy the unlimited version but I would recommend trying it out and if it works for you then €3.99 is not that expensive for what it does.

To get the App go here.