App Review – Cookie Calls

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App Review – Cookie Calls

Today’s App Review is Cookie Calls by Sesame Street.

A few years ago on Skype a friend’s user name was Cookie Monster. Obviously she is a big Cookie Monster fan and as a result of her name during one call with another friend she freaked the friends kid out when he saw Cookie Monster calling on Skype and thought it was the real Cookie Monster. Well with this App the Cookie Monster can call you for real. All you have to do is select from a number of different call options. You can see the Cookie Monster eating cookies, talk about healthy eating, travel to Paris and more. Even though I am not a massive fan of the Cookie Monster I found this App really fun. The App works a bit like Facetime so when the Cookie Calls a video of you appears in the bottom left so it looks like you are in a real life call.

The basic App costs 89 cent and this gives you a few video options. Extra videos can be unlocked through in-app purchases for 89cent each €2.69 for all of them. I must admit I did end up downloading the whole lot and have not had this much fun with a talking App since I discovered the original Talking Tom App.

The App can be fun for grown-ups but also for kids and the calls include healthy eating and parents helper which covers daily chores so how better to get a kid to go to bed than have the Cookie Monster tell them. I also discovered that my cat is absolutely fascinated by the App and sits silently staring with big wide eyes at the App and listening very attentively. Now if only it could teach her not to wake me at 5am in the morning.

So if your looking for some entertainment the App  can be downloaded from HERE.