App Review – The Cube

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App Review – The Cube

Today’s App review is The Cube by All3media. Having watched the tv show of the same name I was excited to try the game out. There is a series of different mini games in each case you have to try and beat the cube. While some games are easy others are challenging to the stage of annoying.

While the game is similar it does have quite a few bugs. Design wise it is sometimes hard to actually balance your device at the right angle in order to be able to play the game. I found this really annoying and so did a few people I had try it. The one major issue I had was that the App gets stuck in games. The last game I played requires you to count dots in a limited time. Of course I didn’t angle my ipad right so totally missed the dots. I tried to guess the number just so that I could restart the game but once the keyboard disappeared I could not exit the challenge. I tried to quit the game and restarted the App but it is still stuck in that one challenge. I uninstalled the App but had the same result when the App got caught up in a different ones of the challenges.

For now I will be sticking to the tv show but hope that the developers will work on these issues so that I can actually play the it. The game has great potential so I hope that they will take the time to work on this.

If you want to give the App a go it can be downloaded from HERE