App Review – Just Grandma and Me

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App Review – Just Grandma and Me

Today’s App Review is Just Grandma and Me by Oceanhouse Media. This App review is a little different than my usual and I rarely review Apps for younger kids but stumbling across this App in the App store brought back childhood memories of when a much younger me used to play the PC game of the same name. The characters and description looked similar I couldn’t help but download it and indeed the voices characters and stories represent those of times past and bring to life the story of Just Grandma and Me.

The App takes the form of an interactive iBook more so than a game and you can choose to have the story read to you or read along with it. By clicking on the screen a child can listen and read the words to go with the story such as bucket, seagull and spider. The story is short but the word interaction is a great feature aimed to improve  kids word association, reading and spell skills.

However, I am left feeling a bit saddened and disappointed because there was no more interactions than this. Back in the early 90’s the pc game used to allow you to click on different features in the screen and they would move or respond in other ways for example if you clicked on grandma’s radio it would play music and if you clicked on an umbrella it would close up and fly off. It makes me wonder why these features were left out. If they could include them 20 years ago why leave them out now. Of course learning the words is important but they could have combined all features.

As a grownup with memories of this in my childhood I am left disappointed to find out how they have somewhat downloaded this App but that doesn’t make it’s functions any less effective and it is still a great reading resource.

To download the App which costs €1.79 you can visit HERE

And for those wondering what the original was like check out the video below