App Review – 94 Seconds

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App Review – 94 Seconds

Today’s App Review is 94 Seconds by Scimob. If your looking for an App that challenges your ability to think on your feet look no further than 94 seconds. The App gives you a letter and a category and has you try and think of a word beginning with that letter that is associated with the category. For example it may say Animal E in which case you may guess elephant. Categories vary from US states to food types, car brands and more. The 94 seconds really flies and all you need is one tough category and you’re done for.

The game is a lot of fun and really challenges you once you get one answer it has you go on to another and the aim is to get as many correct answers in 94 seconds. First time round I panicked and did fairly terrible with a shameful 13 correct answers. As I played more I relaxed a bit but kept trying to beat my existing top score.

Each category has easy and difficult answers and for the more uncommon answers you get more points for example for a fruit beginning with P you might choose pear and get 1 point but if you choose persimmon you would get extra points.

There is nothing complicated to the game and it is a lot of fun the one difficulty I did have was with the autospell which did get me caught up in time. For example for musical instrument beginning with X I had xylophone but every single time it tried to correct that with cellphone until I gave up and just left it  go through wrong.

The App is a lot of fun and incredibly addictive and can be downloaded for free from HERE.