Activity 10: Applying sustainability models

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Activity 10: Applying sustainability models

This activity requires us to read Wiley (2007), On the Sustainability of Open Educational Resource Initiatives in Higher Education and look at the three models of sustainability and then look at 4 platforms and determine which model they use asking the questions

  1. Was the sustainability model for each initiative apparent?
  2. Did Wiley’s models cover all approaches or did you think a different model was operating for one or more of them?

From reaching Wiley (2007) I learnt that the three models were

The MIT model

This model offers all courses created by MIT, costs of production is high, there is a high degree of quality control and it is suited to a large organisation.

The USU model

This model is suited to a small-medium organisation, cost is not as much as the MIT model, there is less control and some courses but not all are featured

The Rice model.

The rice model applies to courses featured anywhere, there is no control and no cost and is best suited to smaller organisations.

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While I found it easy to determine whether or not a platform used the RICE model I found the differentiation between MIT and USU less clear. Openlearn could have been either.