App Review – Add-ons for your messages.

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App Review – Add-ons for your messages.

There are many Apps out there that can change the messages that they send so that they are just that little bit more personalised. There are no real inbuilt features in the iPhone to animate your messages. Below are a few App options that do just this.

Emoji is one of the first and possibly most basic but greatest add-ons. This App allows you to add more emoticons to your keyboard settings. Once added you can add smiley faces, animals, food etc to your messages. I use this App daily and do love having the ability to add in a cat face when talking about my cats or a party hat or fireworks when I am happy about something.
The only downside of the App is that the emoticons will only display if the receiver has an iOS device.
There are many Apps that give the same emoticons so you can find the one that you want. I use Emoji because it is free and does everything I could want from an App like this. I would highly recommend it.

To get the App go here.

Color Text Messages+ by Leping Li is another add-on that can brighten up your messages. I thought this App looked cool from the images and was curious as to how it worked so downloaded it since it was free. With this App you cannot access the features outside the App as you would with Emoji. Instead you have to  create the message within the App and copy and paste it to your message.

While this App is pretty good there are some downfalls. Firstly is the having to create the message in the App instead of it being available within messages. Secondly the message is sent as a picture instead of a text so this could lead to expenses if you don’t have wifi or a data subscription.

The App is free but I gave up after a couple of uses and deleted it because it seemed like too much hard work.

To get Color Text messages go here.


Gift text: Animated SMS in images and rage faces App is another App worth mentioning. This App has an extensive database of animated gif images that can be copied and pasted into your messages. These could be anything from cute cat animations to Simpsons animations. These are pretty cool and are a fun addition to any message. You may find yourself using them to cheer up a friend or just for fun.

I have used this App a few times but as with Color Messages there are the same downfalls as having to copy to your message from the App and of needing a data subscription or wifi.

The App is free but a subscription is required for some extras. Get it here.