App Review – Chirp App

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App Review – Chirp App

Chirp by ASGI is one of those Apps that you don’t really need but when you see it you really want it. It has the novelty factor of being able to ‘Chirp’ photos between iOS devices. To use the App you need two iOS devices that are connected to a network. When you want to share a video you just open up the App and upload your photo onto the screen and then press ‘Chirp’. Once this is done you need to open the App on the other device in order to receive the image. This is a bit of downside because the other device doesn’t automatically receive it but in a way it makes sense in that imagine a crowded room with a lot of iOS devices and a lot of Chirp apps. Your private Chirp could be picked up by everyone instead of the person that wants to receive it.

I must admit I was skeptical as to whether it would work and YouTube’d it to see and surprisingly after downloading it I was able to receive Chirps from people in videos when my phone recognised the signal. I copied a video below so you can try it at home if you want.

Apart from the chirping sound which by the way you might want to be careful of if you have pets because it drives them crazy, this App is no different to other file sharing Apps. Apps like Bump by Bump Technologies do the same thing and what you do in that case is ‘Bump’ the devices together to share a picture or contact. I am sure there are other novel ways developers have come up with for sharing as well.

So whether you want to Bump or Chirp the option is up to you but both are free so can’t hurt to try out.

To download Chirp go here.