App Review – Viggle.

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App Review – Viggle.

Viggle is a great App I have recommended to so many people. All you need to do is watch your favorite tv show and let the app know you are watching it and you get the points which can be redeemed for real rewards such as Amazon or iTunes vouchers.

When I first discovered the App I was racking up maybe 50,000 points a week. I used these to redeem $10 iTunes vouchers that cost 10,000 points. At the time the average tv show would be 500 points and you could get up to 200 points for watching a movie trailer. Over the space of a couple of months I was able to redeem for vouchers and splashed out on some apps and music in iTunes. I have a friend that managed to get an Apple Tv out of it.

The app is still good but they have made it more difficult to get rewards for example iTunes Vouchers were 10,000 points and now are 25,000 and tv shows could have you reach 500 points now they are about 100.

So sure it may not be the app it once was and no one expected it to last. It was too good to be true right? But in the end if you watch tv shows why not get rewarded for doing it.

The app is free and you can get it here.

Rewards change on a regular basis.