App Review – Clear

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App Review – Clear

Today’s App Review is Clear by Realmac Software.

I use the Notes App on my iPhone a lot for typing quick reminder notes to myself and never really searched for an alternative so when I saw this App featured on the App store and saw it had a ton of good ratings I said I would give it a go.

Now the whole concept of the App is pretty cool. You write down lists of notes and you swipe a particular note to get rid of it. The App takes advantage of the multi-touch gestures on iOS devices but although this feature is great I feel it is more of a novelty and take away from the funtuality of the App. I never remember which gesture correspondes to which command so accidently deleted notes all the time.

The idea of the App does show potential but in a note App I would be looking for something quick and easy and this App is certainly not that.

The App costs 1.79 and can be downloaded from here.