App Review – Flight Track Pro

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App Review – Flight Track Pro

Today’s App Review is Flight Track Pro by Mobiata.

When taking a trip I always try to find the best deals and in many cases this results in connecting flights. There is nothing more scary than one flight being delayed and not knowing if you will make the next flight and that is the primary reason  I downloaded this App. It contains flight information for most main airports/airlines world wide so is great for up to date information. I usually find airport websites to be hard to navigate around so this puts an end to all that.

All you need to do is enter your travel plans and off you go. Added features include social media integration, weather features, airplane information and interactive travel maps. In particular I found the airport layout maps to be useful especially when switching between terminals.

The only problem I have found is that on a recent Dublin-Charlotte-Philadelphia trip I was able to track the Charlotte-Philadelphia leg of the journey but was not able to track from Dublin. However on the return Philadelphia-Newark-Dublin trip all parts of the journey were found.

So whether you are travelling yourself or want to keep contact with someone travelling this is the perfect App for you.

You can download it from HERE