App Review – Navfree GPS

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App Review – Navfree GPS

Today’s App Review is Navfree GPS by Geolife.

A friend was recently looking for a good GPS App after their GPS died a tragic death. Instead of forking out €100+ for a new one they decided to try out Apps. We tried out a few different ones. Some worked some didn’t some were unreliable and in the end we discovered Navfree which has since been tried and tested and successfully survived a 3 hour trip. The App links in Google Maps so you can find exact directions quickly. The App is very easy to use which is often a failing of even the traditional GPS devices. You can search addresses and save favorites. There is inbuilt voice navigation that can be turned on/off as needed. The roads are color coded to make for easy co-ordination and there are no unnecessary icons onscreen which means you only see what you need to see.

The voice that comes a standard with the App is a default voice but additional voices from celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Snoop Dogg etc can be purchased for an extra €4.49

The App version we used was for UK and Ireland but there are versions for several different countries including Spain, France, USA and South Africa. All versions of the App are free but there are extra in-app purchases like the celebrity voice navigation that can be purchased.

Another bonus is the fact that unlike other navigation Apps this Navfree does not require a data connection. Instead it downloads the maps which are over 400mb is quite big and takes time but the end result of not resulting in data bills is definitely a bonus especially if you want to use one of their Apps abroad.

You can download the App from HERE