App Review – Free App Apps.

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App Review – Free App Apps.

Today’s App review is not a review but more advice and App genre recommendations.

Most of the Apps I have are either free Apps or else Apps that were at some stage free. It is impossible to find out what Apps suddenly become free so there are of course Apps for that. They are promotions that usually happen during holidays where certain Apps go free for a limited time and a few weeks ago at back to school time a ton of different educational Apps were free for a week. This is a good way of getting premium Apps and also a way of stumbling across new Apps you might not have otherwise been looking for. I have saved anything from 79cent up to 100euro on the limited free app deals.

All the free App Apps are basically the same and list what Apps are free/ reduced that day. Just make a folder on your iPad and download a bunch of these. It is handy because they are linked to your account so even if deleted off your iOS device they are still on your account.

Below are a few I would recommend.