App Review – Find My Friends.

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App Review – Find My Friends.

Today’s App Review is FInd My Friends by Apple.

I remember seeing a movie a few years back. One of those creepy horrors and they were following peoples whereabouts through an App on a phone. Back then I thought ooh that would be kinda cool.

Find my Friends is one of many Apps that does just this so when it was released I was eager to try it.

Find my Friends can be really cool or extremely stalkerish.

So let’s start with the cool. I have many friends who like me have flexible working hours so it is difficult to tell if it is ok to text or call or if they are still at work. This App places people so I can tell if my friends are at home which is fairly handy. It is also good if someone is travelling as you can follow them around their destination.

However, is it really a good idea. There is a new feature that notifies you if your friend leaves their house. One of my friends got an alert to say her mother had just arrived home. So she calls and her mother says ‘oh I just walked in the door’. Hmm yeah my friend knew that.

There are thankfully safety measures so you can turn off the ability for your friends to ‘follow you’ also you have confirm that you know and agree to be followed by someone before they can see you.

This is a pretty cool App and I would recommend that since it is free just give it a quick go and play around with it.

The App can be downloaded here.