App Review – Remote Mouse

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App Review – Remote Mouse

Today’s App Review is Remote Mouse by HungryBolo Limited.

I don’t usually use a mouse but when I do I always use wireless ones because the wired kind get all tangled up. However, there is nothing more annoying than the warning saying 3% battery remaining and suddenly there are no replacement batteries to be found  and you are in the middle of a really important project.

That’s where this App comes in handy. You can sync it up with your computer and it works as a mouse. I have used it on more than one occasion and it is on all my iOS devices.

There are many of these Apps out there but what’s really great is this App includes a track pad and keyboard too so if for example your computer display is some distance away or linked to a tv you can control it with your iOS device. It also has Siri integration.

I would definitely recommend this App it does what it says and it is free!!

You can download it from here.