App Review – Funny Autopsy

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App Review – Funny Autopsy

Today’s App Review is Funny Autopsy by Cero Ideas.

I was introduced to this App by a friend and must admit it is a lot of fun. It reminds me a bit of that game operation as a kid. The aim is to cut open the patient who conveniently dies in the operating theatre and remove his organs one by one without touching the sides of the vessels.

There were several moments when the response was OHHHH NOOOO when I would get so close and then fail. The more organs you successfully remove the more bodies become available to you. This is a fun time waster App and is pretty attictive when you compete with yourself and try to improve your score as you go on.

The downsides are that the gas is too short. There are only a few levels until you are done I had expected more for €1.59. Also it is very easy to cheat. I didn’t discover this for a while but once I did it ruined the game for me and I couldn’t be bothered playing the hard way again.

For a bit of fun this App is worth it but I would recommend waiting and seeing if it goes free at any stage. For €1.59 you can probably games that are a lot better and longer.

To download the App go here.