App Review – iSafeplay

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App Review – iSafeplay

Today’s App Review is iSafeplay by Fanship. There is so much information on our devices these days and some of it you may not want the whole world to see. While there is the option of password protecting your phone this can easily be hacked if someone sees you doing it regularly. Another option would be to download an App like iSafeplay which requires a separate password to access the App. Some people may have information to hide others may just want to hide their contacts, ¬†messages, emails or simply hide their Facebook to prevent friends from being ‘fraped’ by friends.

The App can access your messages and contacts etc from within the App so it is a very good all in one tool. This way it is easy to just use the App for Facebook instead of downloading the Facebook App. The one complaint I would have is that it doesn’t really protect your contacts as they are in a second inbuilt App that cannot be deleted. However, this can be solved by adding contents one by one into the App itself.

The App is free so the privacy is 100% free. Any of the basic features such as searching the web or watching YouTube can also be accessed so it really does away with any need for extra Apps.

So if you are in a situation where your iPhone may be picked up and accessed this is definitely a recommended App. I personally use the inbuilt iOS lock settings to prevent access to my emails and messages and personal photos but this is a great App solution.

To download the App for free you can visit HERE