App Review – iTranslate Voice

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App Review – iTranslate Voice

Today’s App Review is iTranslate Voice by Sonico GmbH. There are many translation Apps out there some do voice to text, others do text to voice and then there’s some that do text to text but it is difficult to find a good voice to voice App but look no further than iTranslate.

This App listens to you speak in your chosen language in my case that would be English. Before speaking I can choose which out of 36 languages I want my spoken text to me transcribe to and then after I speak the iPad will translate and speak the result in that language.
The many language options include French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese.

This is an excellent tool especially if you are to meet someone who doesn’t speak your language instead of relying on text translations which is delayed and timely you can have a realtime conversation without the need to hire a translator. I have tried Spanish and French translations with Spanish and French natives and from my side the translation is close to perfect they were both impressed by the reverse translations.

The text to text feature is also built in if you prefer the more traditional way. There is also full SMS, email and social media integration.

The App costs 89cent but for what it does I think it is great value. You can download the App from HERE