App Review – Moodle Apps

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App Review – Moodle Apps

Today I am going to review three different Moodle Apps. The dreaded news came that the college is going to be using Moodle. I absolutely hate Moodle and have up until now used alternatives.  I hated it when I first used it as a student 6 years ago as and I still hate it but it is time I embrace the Moodle generation and pretend I like it. My first thought was maybe there is a good App that might make it better because while I don’t hate the concept of Moodle I strongly dislike the overall design. So let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the very ugly Moodle Apps.

The first App I explored was My Moodle made by Moodle.

This App was free and I gave it a go but unfortunately this App had the same failings that I find the desktop version to have in that it is difficult to navigate and buggy. It is however easier to use than visiting Moodle via Safari and has options to create courses and upload content. It is also easy to record audio and upload images. Overall though I found the App limited and it felt more like a mobile web-app than a standalone App.

This App is one that I will probably revisit in a few months because I can see it does have potential it is just not right for me just yet.

To get this App go here.

The next App I tried was mPage by Mass Media.

I have no idea what was going on with this App but it seems like it needs something installing on a server couldn’t get it to work at all so definitely save your €2.39 The pictures in the preview look nice and the App interface looks kinda cool but looking good isn’t much good if the App doesn’t work.

To get this App go here.

The third App I tried was mTouch by Pragma Touch.

I didn’t realise when downloading this App that it was to be used by the student and not the teach (I should have read the description) but I really like the way it works. The layout is easy to get around and it seems to be easy to upload documents. On first impressions I was pretty impressed and despite it costing €2.39 I would consider buying it.

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The final App I tried was MoodlEZ which was also by Pragma Touch.

This App is the teacher version of mTouch and I really really really like it. After installing it you get a tutorial that runs through how to use it and  it looks really user friendly and I was able to find my way around it. I will have to use it for a while before giving a final verdict but so far I am impressed and this may be the thing to convert me to Moodle in the end. Only downside is that it also costs €2.39 but so far it is the only one I could consider using.

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Screenshots below are from MoodleEZ