App Review – Wordpress

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App Review – WordPress

Today’s App Review is WordPress by Automaticc Inc.

I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now and this App is one of the first I ever got when I got my first iOS device 3 years ago. I use it almost daily and it has been a must have on any iOS device I have. The thing I really like about this is that it works. Some other platforms like Moodle or YouTube or Twitter don’t have great mobile Apps and you have to go searching for third party alternatives but WordPress App works great for me.

The App gives you full access to posts, pages, comments and the dashboard. The only thing that it can’t access properly is themes but that is something that you would probably not want to mess with on a mobile device anyway.

The greatest advantage of all although it cannot be guaranteed is that if a plugin or other feature crashes your wordpress site you can probably (has always worked for me but don’t rely on it) still gain access through the App and resolve the problem providing of course that it is a minor issue and not a big coding catastrophe.

And to add to the good news WordPress App is free and it can be downloaded here.