App Review – My CQS

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App Review – My CQS

Today’s App review is My CQS by James Gupta.

This App is hands down one of the best educational Apps I have discovered. In the past I have often created online quizes and surveys for my students but this requires quite a bit of work and then the students have to login and then I have to check the results and get back to them and it is really only possible to do once and in the classroom. This App on the other hand is a genius concept. You can create tests for your students who can take them and instantly find out their results. It is user friendly  both as a teacher to create and a student to do.

This is my chosen way of learning and when doing exams I always see if there are online quizzes and I find by getting questions wrong I learn faster than say reading a book. This App will definitely be used in my classroom this term and I would recommend any educator to consider trying it out.

Best of all this App is free and can be downloaded from HERE